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Stephanie Dillon
“Using your voice is the best way to know your voice."


Women unabashedly expressing themselves, without fear of judgment is the inspiration for Stephanie’s Cassandra expression. Her voice is an indelible inspiration because of her raw skill of communicating through printed words and graphics.




Multimedia Artist

Stephanie Dillon

Stephanie Dillon is a renowned abstract artist, painting on upcycled canvases and aligning her art with her thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Though a nascent artist, she has established herself as a force in the art world being featured in the pages of GQ, Home & Garden, and multiple Conde Nast Publications. Her upcycled art is sold from Sundance, Martin Patrick 3, in partnership with renowned interior designer Ken Fulk, Hewing Hotels and many more. Stephanie’s art is based on three simple truths: old is still beautiful, what exists is enough and art is everywhere.