Artist Statement

Eric and I made a strong creative connection and remained friends after working together on Speak to Me for his film Voice From The Stone in 2015. Eric told me he had a screenplay that he wanted to make into a graphic novel instead of a film for a change, and he sent it to me in its final stages to check out. The story pulled me in immediately and the sentiment really resonated with me. Strong women fighting oppression and overcoming loss, sisters on a mission with a nothing left to lose attitude, using their brains and spirit to start a revolution. At the time I had only the first part of Use My Voice written and my feelings were right in line with the heart of the story. I sent Eric my little demo because I could hear the song playing in my head as I read it, they seemed like they were from the same world.

This song has been a product of so much inspiration and support. Eric loved the song and encouraged me to finish it. I loved the story and encouraged Eric too. I sent him updated versions along the way and we just fueled each other in our work in a way that was really beautiful. Making the Use My Voice video together was the first realization of all that inspiration that had been building for over a year. Now the Revolution of Cassandra is finally coming out too, and at the perfect time. May it empower and inspire us all. This story is about honor, courage, fighting for justice and peace in a broken world, love and loss, and most of all, hope for a better future. I hope you love it as much as I do. 


- Amy Lee