Color Artist

Grant Goleash

 Beginning in 1991 as a freelance illustrator, painter, and later as a digital colorist, Grant has collaborated with many great artists, writers, editors, and production companies. Starting in the gaming genre, and working primarily with illustrator, collaborator, and good friend Timothy Bradstreet, Grant first began specializing in cover painting with White Wolf's Vampire series. Transitioning that experience into comics lead to many opportunities with nearly every major Publisher. Cover color/painting credits range from Tim's art book Miximum Black to Star Wars, Star Trek, Punisher, Hellblazer, Hellraiser, and Blade, to Alien Pig Farm, Bad Planet, Dead She Said, Iron Siege, and many more. Interior credits include titles such as The Witching Hour, Jonny Double, 100 Bullets, and Batman Deathblow, as well as Alien Pig Farm, Bad Planet, Dead She Said, and Iron Siege, to name a few. Other credits include movie posters, adverts, and album covers such as Iron Maiden: A Matter of Life and Death (with Timothy Bradstreet).