This is where we meet Cassandra (Casey) and her sister Moira.  Together they work supporting the dream of their deceased parents. But Moira’s had enough of charity work and she’s ready to return to their childhood home in San Francisco - if only they had the money to do so.


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While caught in the crossfire of a raging civil war, a patchouli-wearing, humanitarian must save her tomboy sister from the firing squad by beseeching help from a right-wing gun-smuggler, and changes the entire course of the war by inadvertently starting her own revolution. 

An action-romance in the tradition of The African Queen or Romancing The Stone, Cassandra is the dread-lock & Birkenstock equivalent to Lara Croft. A Latina Joan-of-Arc battling against corrupt politicians and a world of greed. A female Don Quixote living life as it should be. A story about using your voice for what you believe in, not screaming about what you’re against!


Cassandra was granted the gift of clairvoyance but with the curse that nobody would believe her. Throughout history people in power have devalued, diminished, and created systems against the voices and human rights of women, minorities, and the poor as a way to retain control and divide a population. We have entered a time where those voices will no longer abide being denigrated and unheard - The Revolution of Cassandra.

Most are clear about what they are against, yet struggle to articulate what they are for. Moment-by-moment the world is changing, often giving us more to be against. What we “believe” tends to change creating a sense of anger, exhaustion, and apathy. Only when we return to our personal truth can we find calm. Certainty will always elude us, but clarity about what we are for grounds us.

This story and our ancillary efforts are meant to create a roadmap toward exploring and discovering what you care about most in life and to fuel the revolution against inequality and
injustice one person at a time.


The Revolution of Cassandra is about listening, learning, and using your voice.

There is a fine line between appropriation and appreciation, and you may be curious why I created a story of two sisters living in a fictitious Spanish speaking country. (I’m a white, privileged, middle-aged man.) Most criticisms could have been avoided if I placed this story on another planet and removed all references to the Spanish language. The problem is that I live on Earth with real people and real problems. How we interact with each other on this planet is what interests me.


The Revolution of Cassandra is an allegory that draws from my experiences documenting children living in abject poverty around the world including Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Peru, Costa RIca, Burkina Faso, Jordan, and Indonesia. My use of corruption and greed in politics is drawn from myriad experiences here in the United States. In the end, I think that you will find this is a story about sisters trying to do the right thing. May we all learn to identify with heroes from every culture and ethnicity and realize that our hearts are one.

- Eric D. Howell


We will offer tools, conversations and ideas to support the revolution.